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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Here it Comes!

Do you hear it? Hear what!---- I hear it coming,,,,,  and though it started with a whimper, it is beginning to rumble. The wave flows and grows and soon the 2006 fishing season will be upon us. That is great news for us fishermen, but perhaps only ho-hum news if your passion is curling or golf. It is fabulous news if your chosen sport is fishing on Lake Ontario waters. I fish a lot, you might fish only once in a while but because I fish a lot and because of my devotion to trolling on Lake Ontario waters, you benefit when you fish with me.

Simply put, we have experience, we have experience and finally, we have experience. Did I say we have experience? Ok I will back off, but I want you to know that when you join me on a trip, I will do all possible to insure a productive outing and a darn good time, every time.

Preparations for the 06 season have already begun.  Boat prep is underway with bottom painting, cleaning and worn cushions repaired as necessary. Broken rods have been replaced, reels refurbed and several brand spanking new rod/reel setups are ready to go. For me it is a great time, it’s like a new beginning every year. Damn, I love the feeling and it is a rejuvenating experience. There is that word again, experience.

Here is the kicker, every year the lake serves up a surprise or two. What will it be this year, will there be plenty of bait or will it be scarce. I’m betting on lots of bait. Will salmon show up in May in the Eastern Basin or will they move in later, I’m betting on a May invasion as changes in the water column have altered fish movement. For sure there will be surprises but fishing should once again be great.

With the winter generally on the mild side you can usually expect a good supply of plump baitfish to lure the predators to warm inshore waters. When those predators arrive on the playing field our fishing battlewagon will be waiting. Catching should be real good.. We are ready for the games to begin. Hope you will join us.

Posted By: Capn Gerry Bresadola @ 4:42:25 AM


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