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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

OOPS - Missed Anniversary OSR #2-2008

Luckily I did not miss my wedding anniversary or I would be walking with a limp. I did forget all about the 10th anniversary of our landing the NYS Record Brown Trout aboard the Dixie Dandy. The 33lb 2 oz mega fish was landed on June 10, 1997 by skilled angler Tony Brown, from Schenectady, New York. I stress skilled angler because he landed the bruiser using a 9ft custom rod and a

NYS RECORD Brown Chart caught aboard the Dixie Dandy

Penn Reel spooled with 8lb test, topped off with 6lb test leader. The lure of choice was a black/white Smithwick Rouge that continues to rank as a hot, hot lure even today.

     After 10 years the lunker is still the record brown caught in NYS waters.  I believe that some day an even bigger brown will be captured as the saying "records are made to be broken" will certainly come true. In the meantime as you might expect, we are proud to be a part of the record catch accomplishment. A belated Happy Anniversary to you Tony. Way to go!

     If you would like to read an account of the event, click
how to catch big brown trout for a detailed review of that wonderful day.

     Presently, fishing in the Oswego River for browns and steelies is pretty darn good. While only a few well clothed diehards are braving the winter elements they are being rewarded with some hot action. This bodes well for our upcoming spring fishery which will begin for us in mid April.

    Last season was a great year for our charter service. The upcoming 2008 season is rapidly shaping up to be as good or better that 2007. I guess we are doing something right, such as catching fish and dishing out an overall good time. If you want to have a wonderful fishing experience, provided by a team that is totally dedicated to providing a first class charter outing, call on us. We have the expertise, work ethic, and personal desire to insure a successful charter trip.

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