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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring 2010 Ramblings

    As April 2010 looms ever larger on the horizon, my genetic "vacasoricabobulation hormones" (I made that up) begin to alert my finely tuned fishing senses that another happy season is upon us. Oh yeah, "how great it is".      As if I wasn't excited enough, the other night I attended the annual NYSDEC State of The Lake presentation and am pleased to report that generally speaking "all is well". The bait population, (alewives) are doing nicely with several year classes growing bigger and bigger.

   This will do to salmon and trout what a 1/4 pounder with cheese, large fries and a strawberry milk shake will do to me. Pounds baby, pounds! Last year the kings averaged around 18 lbs and I expect that 2010 will see more big fish. A few wild born fish have been caught signaling that cleaner waters are more and more suitable for natural reproduction which can only add to the greatness of our fishery.  Our successful stocking programs should continue with occasional number spikes resulting when the boom or bust wild fish population cycle achieves the boom scenario.
    Deep water sculpin, a favorite of lake trout, thought to be nearly gone from the lake are showing up in higher numbers. Evidentially they have adapted to the ever changing lake chemistry and are slowly making a come back. Which is good news for lake trout?
    On another front, funding for the refurbishing of the now closed Allenegy lake trout hatchery has been secured, setting the stage for the repairs and improvements that are needed. After years of lower that normal laker stocking numbers we will soon be receiving full compliments of these fish as the modernized facility comes back on line.
    Want more good news? The windmill farm "green" energy "scam" proposed for Oswego and Jefferson Counties has been voted down by both county legislatures. It seems like no one wants hundreds of ugly, inefficient, government subsidized, boondoggle projects, except for those receiving the subsidies. These questionable so called "green" projects are being waylaid as the general public becomes more educated about the real effectiveness of wind power. In some parts of the country wind farms are already being abandoned. To me, wind farms are a subsidy scamola mirroring the ethanol gasoline silliness,
    The news regarding the deadly sea lamprey population is positive. Strikes on trout and salmon are within limits and of course this bodes well for the fishery. Currently, streams are treated with a chemical that kills the pests. A new step in eel control looks real promising. It is a love potion that is entered into the water. It is a man made scent not unlike the aroma that comes from the gills of male lampreys. It lures males and females into the streams where they can be trapped. A couple more years of testing will absolutely prove the validity of the potion. Can't help but think of the song, "Love Potion #9"
   Speaking of songs, how about "Happy Days Are Here Again" At least for a while!



Posted By: Capn Gerry Bresadola @ 9:18:03 PM


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