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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Here We Go Again -- The 2011 Fishing Season Draws Near

    Don't look now, but the 2011 Lake Ontario fishing season will soon be here.  In spite of New York State's deeply "red" financial situation, our salmon stocking program remains intact. It was a close call with some politicos pushing for major cuts to our fishery projects. Thanks to the NYS Conservation fund, which is fueled by hunting and fishing license sale revenues, our salmon and trout programs remain in effect. Without these revenues, the wonderful salmon and trout fishery would be ravaged due to the states continuing overspending woes. Now that's a fact Jack!

    Hunters, fishermen, and trappers have always been willing to help pay their way with license purchases in order to achieve a fiscally responsible effort to keep outdoor sports pointed in the right direction. Anyway, license sale revenues are a huge contributor to colossal Lake Ontario fishing, year in and year out.  No fishing license, NO FISHING. Now that's another fact Jack!

     There is one drawback however, whereby our elected officials can move conservation funds to the states General Fund coffers if they so desire. If they want to divert funds to a politically correct program they can do it. As a citizen, you already know that it's just the way our wonderful government works. What can one do about it, probably nothing aside from organized protests to draw attention to a possible raid on license sale revenues.

Look for the clip
We are now entering our 3rd year of the fish identification program designed to differentiate between wild and stocked salmon. Stocked salmon have an adipose fin clip, (last fin on the back) to separate them from wild fish. Another year into this program will provide accurate data into the make up of the salmon fishery population.

This is extremely important to the future of the predator / prey balance as it relates to the sustainable food chain makeup. It is this type of quality fishery science that keeps Lake Ontario smack dab in the world of top fishing destinations. It takes good science to make for good fishing, however a watchful eye must be kept on those who look to save money by abandoning the stocking program in favor of a total commitment to a wild fish only boom or bust fishery methodology. Not good, not good at all.

Stock "em"
With regard to today's latest fishing craze known as  "catch and release" it is important to note that our fishery is based on the premise of "put, grow and take" and while "catch and release" can be considered a noble cause, it does not have a profound effect on the Lake Ontario fishery since each year sees a planting of over 1.5 million new hatchery raised fish. Will releasing a brown trout to fight another day be beneficial?  You bet it could.  However, the same action with a 3 or 4 year old king salmon could be a different situation since the fish will  soon die of natural causes as its life cycle comes to an end.  So if you want to release your fish, go right ahead, if you want to keep your fish that is OK too! It is your choice. Remember it is still a "put, grow and take" fishery.

Nature Rules
In spite of all the efforts to raise and stock healthy fish, once the hatchery fish are planted, and wild fish move into the lake waters, the forces of nature take control. Will the season be rainy or dry, will water levels be high or low, will exotic specie populations decrease or increase, will the winds be favorable to fish survival? It all depends on the whims of nature. Thus all our stocking efforts plus all of the natural salmon production is totally dependent on nature. Here's hoping that "Ma" Nature smiles upon us in 2011.

2011 Derby Dates

April 29 - May 8     LOC Spring Derby
June 18 - July 17   LOC Summer Derby
Aug. 19 - Sept. 5   LOC Fall Derby


 These are fun events with plenty of cash prize payouts.

 Choose Us
After 30 years fishing Lake Ontario waters I have experienced plenty of changes and challenges. I expect 2011 will bring more surprises. One thing that will not change is my dedication to the charter fishing scene and the joy of fishing with friends. Now that is a great life style and that is why I continue to look forward to each new season. Fish with us and you will realize what I am talking about. It is all about experience and we definitely have it. Treat yourself to a special day, come fish with us-


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