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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Charter Fishing, Oswego NY


Time and time again I have sung the praises of the wonderful Lake Ontario Fishery. While there are many good fishing ports around the lake, I believe that Oswego, NY offers many advantages to the charter and recreational angler alike. Having fished the eastern basin of the lake for over 30 years I made the move to Oswego over 12 years ago. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Safe Harbor - From a safety standpoint the wall protection at the mouth of the Oswego River presents the boating angler with optimum return to port protections. Two distinct lakeside entrances give the boater options so that west, northwest, east and northeast winds can be safely navigated when returning from a day of fishing.

  2. Spring Fishing - The harbor itself holds plenty of trout and salmon in the spring. The warmer water of the Oswego River's runoff attracts bait and predator fish well into the protection of the harbor. The warm water plumes flow into the lake offering hot spots for attracting and holding fish. Sort of like “catching fish in a barrel” (not always, but sometimes).  On those windy spring days when the lake is boiling with choppy seas, it's the Oswego Harbor to the rescue. Most times you can stay within the harbor walls and catch plenty of fish, while remaining comfortable. Oh, by the way, it helps if you are fishing in a boat with an enclosed cabin such as the Dixie Dandy, because we are not fishing in the Caribbean, we are fishing in northern New York. Sometimes it is Brrrrr time.

  3. East or West - Prime inshore fishing hot spots are a short distance from Oswego no matter if you cruise east or west. Basically one can leave the harbor and start trolling and begin catching fish. Knowing what effect winds have on water coloration is the prime factor in deciding which way to go. In any event long runs to a fishing spot are the exception rather than the rule out of Oswego. Shorter runs mean more time with rods in the water rather than the rod rack.

  4. Deep water fast - As the water warms things turn around as cold water trout and salmon leave the warming spring temperatures for the cooler waters flowing offshore. As the lake stratifies into horizontal layers of warm to cold water in many parts of the eastern basin long runs to preferred fishing areas become necessary. However, not so much in Oswego, as the underwater contour drops about 100' per mile as you head into the lake. Need to fish over 300', it is only a 3-mile run? Need five hundred feet? You guessed it, only 5 miles. Again shorter runs mean more time with the rods in the water. More time with rods in the water means more time with a fish on the end of your line.  Isn't that amazing.

  5. Fall back - As we transition to late summer/early fall, staging salmon move back to shallows in front of the Harbor. Now we are back to fishing a mile or two from shore on most days. As the days pass we fish closer and closer to the harbor entrance till we follow the salmon into the harbor as they return to the site where they were stocked. Now we can catch the Kings and Cohoes just like we did in the spring only there are many more of them to target. What a nice way to end up.

  6. An easy walk - If you make the Oswego area you home port whether it be for a charter or your weekend fishing outing, you are close to all types of amenities. Want a motel? You can walk to it. Want a good lunch or dinner place? You can walk to several. Want to fish for warm water species in the river? You can walk to a bunch of good sites. Pizza shops, Donut shops, museums and parks, you guessed right you can walk to all of them.  When you arrive, you can park your car and return to it when you are ready to leave. Now that's what I call convenient.

Oswego is truly a great fishing destination. Try it and you will certainly like it. I sure do! Especially the pizza! 


Posted By: Capn Gerry Bresadola @ 3:48:00 PM


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