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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Let's Do It!


    A couple of weeks ago, on a cold winter day, I drove to Oswego to check out the lake. Seems like I can only stay away for so long. As I drove into the Fort Ontario Park and looked out into the churning lake, I had to do all I could to focus my imagination on a fast forward swing to what April waters might look like.  Each year we begin our season on or about the middle of April when the Oswego River drainage flows invite the fish of winter to

  trade their cold weather habits for the allure of the nutrient rich, warm spring water.

    The Oswego Harbor and surrounding area is a magnet for football browns and spring kings.  The huge warming river flow is just what the doctor ordered to get the trolling season off on the right foot. This is what makes the Oswego area such a great place to hunt for early season salmon and trout. Rig up with light tackle and the right assortment of stickbaits and spoons and the rods will spring into action.  Will it be a brown, a king, a steelie, a laker, a coho, or an elusive atlantic that grabs our lure? For sure, one of these mighty creatures will take the bait and the battle will be on. That's what we call trout and salmon fishing Oswego style.

With yours truly at the helm and Captain Zack Rayno creating and rigging the trolling presentations, we will trick'em good. When you add in our fishing partner the FV Cold Steel manned by Capt. Tom Burke and 1st Mate Capt. Andy Bliss and the information sharing we provide each other starts flowing, well what can we say but "fishing will be great." Quite simply, we know how to do it.

We look forward to the 2015-fishing season. Come join us for spectacular angling adventure.




Posted By: Capn Gerry Bresadola @ 8:33:42 AM


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