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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


    As I stare into my crystal ball, I, the magnificent soothsayer and prognosticator extraordinaire, once again predict great fishing for Lake Ontario in 2012. I am never wrong and you can count on my prediction being true.  How do I know, probably because since the fishery was born we have always had good fishing. Now there have been peaks and valleys but even in the valley times, fishing was still pretty darn good.

It is just the way it is. To put it simply, Lake "O" equals good fishing, year in and year out. With quality fish stocking programs now enhanced by the addition of wild fish, and so far a mild winter, I believe we can look to exciting and bountiful catches this year. Isn't that amazing!

  Currently the fishery has seen a large increase in the number of cash paying tournaments from one end of the lake to the other. Since I was involved in the creation of the Oswego Pro AM and the Oswego One-Day A-TOM-MIK Challenge, I am pleased to see the interest and variety of events that now fill the agenda on a near weekly basis. If these were stick and ball based events I could not play, as the AARP age is upon me. Yet for us senior guys and gals we can definitely compete if we so desire. Ain't that a hoot!

  Basically the events are 1 or 2 days, with either a 12 or 6 fish limit. Some require an observer while others prefer open communication. Entry fees range from $50.00 to the big payout $800.00 events.

  Some have voiced that opinion that the number of events could be detrimental to the fishery as highly skilled teams creel large numbers of fish. So far there seems to be no negative effect on the fishery as the basic put, (stocking), and take, (catching) concept remains in effect. This method has worked for over 40 years.        

  I am happy to inform you that a new chapter in the ongoing saga of the Dixie Dandy is about to begin.

  I have joined forces with Capt. Tom Burke and his legendary Cold Steel fishing charter. My 32-ft Dixie Dandy will join with Tom's 36-ft Egg Harbor, Cold Steel to provide one of the lake's most experienced charter co-operations. Tom and I will work closely together to insure that our charter customers receive a friendly, experienced, and fun filled Lake Ontario adventure. Tom is a regular on the trout and salmon tournament circuit with several wins to his credit, along with a few King of the Lake titles. He is also a top guide on the lake's tributaries fishing for trout and salmon. At this stage of my fishing career, this association with Tom is a win, win, situation for both of us. Life is gooood! Oh, by the way, Tom and I share the same political leanings, so that will surely add to our cooperation levels.

Should you be interested in fishing with us contact me by telly at 315-427-2691,
or email at:



Posted By: Capn Gerry Bresadola @ 10:14:38 PM


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