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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Why I Do This

I have been fishing Lake Ontario waters for a long, long time. Sometimes I ask myself, especially when I am fishing and have to get out of bed at 3AM, why am I doing this? Surely I could pick a vocation that allowed me to sleep later, or avoid the hot sun or a driving rainstorm. I wouldn’t have to crawl into the bowels of my boat to change the oil on a weekly basis, or scrub, clean and repair as needed. There would be no need to change line or tie new flies as often as I do. Oh boy, life would be a lot easier.

A lot easier?   Well perhaps, a lot better, no way Hose`. You see, fishing is what I do, and I don’t plan on changing my lifestyle anytime soon. Running a charter boat for nearly 25 years has kept me happy and involved in a lifestyle that I would not change for anything. I enjoy the challenge, the adventure, and the company of my wonderful customers. From time to time during the fishing season I might get tired, but never do I get tired of fishing.

So you see, I am pretty darn lucky to be a charter boat operator where I can constantly hone my fishing and personal skills so that my customers receive nothing but the best.

It is all about you, Mr. and Mrs. Customer and I am truly fortunate to be of service.

Posted By: Capn Gerry Bresadola @ 4:37:41 PM


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