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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Carp Crap!

    The title of this blog does not include a transposition error in the second word. It is actually just what it says and it simply and clearly defines a serious problem. Here is the scoop on our latest potential Great Lakers invader, the Asian Carp. This fish could become the most troublesome exotic species that the lakes will ever encounter. The Carp has reached the doorstep of Lake Michigan as it moves north through the waters of the mighty Mississippi from

southern states where it was introduced to US waters. Presently, it is only several miles from Chicago and its entrance to Lake Michigan.   
    If it gains a foothold in the Great Lakes one can almost predict a major impact on commercial, salmon and trout sport fishing as we know it. The results could be devastating to the billion dollar fishing industry and that includes sport fishing!     
    To combat the invasion, after much shouting and lobbying by environmentalists and sport fisherman, our federal government has finally agreed to provide 78.5 million smackers that may or may not stop the advance. Time is on the side of the fish and the dollars provided may be too little too late.
   The only sure way to prevent the fish from reaching the Great Lakes is to close the canal waterway connecting the Mississippi basin to Lake Michigan. The feds are going to provide funds to further study the matter. Now doesn't that sound familiar? To be fair it would be a major task to close or divert the canal. They will also try to strengthen the currently employed electronic pulse barrier system that is the last point in the water way where we hope we can stop the advancing fish.  The electronic system has been in place for some time and has provided protection, so improving it should definitely help.
    Other promising deterrents are also in the works but it will take time to see if they will work effectively. Right now the only sure way to stop the migration is to close the canal, but this will not happen because of commercial shipping traffic.
    This Crap, yikes I mean Carp, has been moving north since the 70's and can reach nearly 100 pounds. It is a ferocious plankton eater and more than likely will upset the lake's already under duress food web chain, and that's not good. It was brought to the US to control algae in southern ponds and like the southern creeping vine plant known as Kudzu, it is a well intended "fix" gone wrong.
    For some reason the fish will leap several feet out of the water when disturbed by a fast moving boat. Several low profile bass boat operators have actually been hit by leaping fish which resulted in injuries to operators and passengers. Just imagine moving at 30 to 40 mph and running into a big ole fish. Now that would hurt. There are plenty of videos on You Tube showing the leaping fish striking boaters, just search the key words "Asian Carp."      I drove up to Oswego the other day to check things out. Work is going on at the marina to repair construction problems with the recent harbor upgrades. You know the old adage "if at first you don't succeed etc. etc." Well they did not succeed so they are trying again. I am sure they will get it right this time.
    The fish that will be stocked in our net pens are snuggled in their tanks at the hatchery and are doing great. New pen water temp. monitors will provide another tool for raising and stocking the healthiest fish possible. This program has been a hell of a success and bodes well for the future of the fishery. It also speaks well of the volunteers who support the lake wide pen projects.
    I can't wait for the start of our 2010 lake fishing adventure. I hope to see you in 2010 as I expect yet another fabulous fishing season. It is not too early to call us for a charter date. We hope you will join us on the DIXIE DANDY and like I always say, "it is still great to be a Lake Ontario troller".


Posted By: Capn Gerry Bresadola @ 9:14:21 PM


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